Legendry of Great Arms & Fabulous Heroes

What shall be our fate?

Sunsebb 25

Mom and Dad were found guilty of crimes against Hope today; specifically, Kidnapping, Unlawful Imprisonment, Torture, and Conspiring to Humiliate or Defame. That means its up to me to determine what comes of the Bryant family name…To be honest, I’m not very certain that I even want to clear the our name, or leave this as a dark blot in our family history. Actually, Its something that I have been considering since they were arrested, and I still have not come to a conclusion as to what to do yet.

Auroch suggested that I should talk to a “Father-figure”; I thought he meant Alfred at first, but it seems there’s a little religiosity behind his words…He meant a priest. I suppose it wasn’t a bad suggestion, we’ll make way for the Temple of the Old Faith shortly, and I’ll return here with an answer, hopefully.



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