Legendry of Great Arms & Fabulous Heroes


Sunsebb 21

This is going to be a short entry. A lot happened that I just don’t feel like writing about. I’m still in disbelief about how far my family has fallen…

We arrived in Critwall a week ago, and I was turned away at first. The guys I hired to escort me back though (I’m really glad to have them around right now), they contrived a way to get into the house so I can confront my parents. Their plan mostly worked, until Bethany found us in a side room talking to Alfred, and saw to it that we were separated, and that I was locked in my room. By the time I got out (all thanks goes to Persa), the party had already come to an abrupt end when the Auroch was on the verge of killing my Father… I wish he would have. They held Hope prisoner. They tortured her. They were using her for their own games and entertainment. When I saw he again with the manacles on her ankles, I wanted to kill him myself. Thanks to Desmond, my parents, and many of the guest were arrested and are awaiting judgment. Either way, my family’s reputation has been irreparably besmirched; and I alone am left to determine the fate of my family estate. I’m so lost, I don’t know what to do. For Hope’s sake, I just hope Desmond can finally hold to his convictions, and honestly testify against my parents

I’m so sorry Hope. I should have never left you in Critwall alone.



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