Legendry of Great Arms & Fabulous Heroes

From the mouth a babe

Sunsebb 25

How do I even begin writing about what just happened…

I went to seek guidance from the priest of the Old Faith – Auroch and Ruuk accompanied me because the Temple is in the unreclaimed area. It makes me sad when I see the living conditions of the people in this district. The war was over more than 100-years ago, persists in the the same state of destruction…or maybe not, I find it hard to imagine what it must have looked like by the end of the war. Better yet, what must it have looked like before the war. The building there betray a type of elegance that doesn’t really exist in Critwall anymore. The church for instance, has a footprint of solid marble, and the steeple over the two bronze carved doors of the entrance still has the original round-stained glass fresco, and the alabaster benches, though chipped at the edges, still stand in a single column on each side of a wide aisle leading to a large basin of silver water; the back and side walls around perimeter are all demolished, some of the remaining bricks just lie in heaps ready to be carried away. The priest greeted us when he saw us approaching him, and listened carefully as I explained the trouble of my family, and my petition. After so long trying to find the words to express my feelings in the clarity, that I feel a priest deserves, his response was to admit his own inability to answer with a worthy answer, and suggested we appeal to the gods of the Old Faith.

I have to admit, the priest surprised me so much with his humility, I thought I expected a big display when he called upon his gods, but nothing happened…yet. I purposefully left out the three kids we saw as we came though the unreclaimed area, they were out playing a game of tag before, as they were on our way back out, when I was complaining that the trip was a wasted effort. Just then the three kids came running, stopped not even 10-feet in front of us so that we would have run into them if we had not stopped. They turned to us – to me – and looking me in the eyes they said with one voice, “seek the grave of your ancestor,” and they ran off…

I guess I’m seeking the grave of my ancestor…now to find out where that even is.



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