The Vampire’s Prophecy

“O Kas, Whose betrayal made you our father; Your children lie in darkness awaiting your arrival. How long will your bloodied hand be stayed? When will you come and give your children the strength to take the land that belongs to them? They are like the sands of the sea of dust, and we are so few; but then, you will lead us with the tokens of your victory, for you carry power in your hand. A scythe will cut through the Flaness: The Pomarj will tremble for Urnst, and Vesve will whisper for the terrors performed against Furyondy; But the buried shield will halt the scythe and there will be peace for a time. Lo, then when they – those disgusting vermin – think they can breathe, then the time will come from your children to have their delight. When the pillars that uphold that ruined city fall, one will stand with more power in his eye than they have in all their might, and he will rule them with the word of his mouth, and he will crush his enemies with the might of his hand; And his power will be to the people, a destruction, but to his kin, life and dominion…”

It appears there was more written below this line, but the parchment is torn, and the rest, lost


Legendry of Great Arms & Fabulous Heroes

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